Sheep, goat, alpaca or llama

sheep goat alpaca
Species or breed of animal Circumstances in which keeping of animals or animals required approval
Sheep, goat, alpaca or llama
  • More than 1 sheep, goat, alpaca or llama on an allotment with an area less than 20,000m2
Minimum standards for keeping sheep, goat, alpaca, llama and other animals of similar size:
Each owner of, and responsible person for, an animal specified above which is kept on premises must ensure that any enclosure in which the animal is kept is not located within a radius of 10m of - 
  • a residence on adjoining premises; or
  • a place used for the manufacture, preparation or storage of food intended for human consumption other than a domestic kitchen used solely for domestic purposes by the owner or responsible person for the animal; or
  • a place used for the storage of food (other than food kept in hermetically sealed packages).