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Species of animal Circumstances in which the keeping of bees require approval 
  • more than 2 hives on an allotment with an area between 400m2 and 1,000m2
  • more than 5 hives on an allotment with an area between 1,001m2 and 2,000m2 (see Code of Practice for Urban Bee Keeping in Queensland 1998)
 Minimum standards for keeping bees:
Each owner of, and responsible person for bees which are kept on premises must ensure that -
  • the bees are kept without nuisance; and
  • any beehive construction for the purpose of keeping the bees is not located within a radius of 10m of -
    • a residence on adjoining premises; or
    • a place used for the manufacture, preparation or storage of food intended for human consumption other than a domestic kitchen used solely for domestic purposes by the owner or responsible person for the bees; or
    • a place used for the storage of food (other than food kept in hermetically sealed packages); and
  • each beehive constructed for the purpose of keeping bees is adequately identified so that the owner's name, address and telephone number are readily ascertained; and 
  • if a code of practice for the keeping of bees has been approved by the local government - the bees are kept in accordance with the requirement of the code of practice.