Local Law Licences

Local Law has a number of different licences.

  • Use of Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads Permit (ROAD) is required for commercial use of Council Controlled Land
  • Busking and Street Stall Permit is required if you are busking, street performing, have a charity street stall or a private street stall on Council Land
  • Temporary Home  Permit (TEMPH) is required when constructing, installing, positioning or placing a structure on a premise intended to be a temporary place of residence
  • Temporary Entertainment Event Permit (TEMP) is required when holding a temporary event on private land
  • Vehicle Permits/Parking Permit (VEH) is required to temporarily reserve parking spaces or car parks for a work zone, residents or a Community Service Organisation
  • Specified Animal Permit (SPEC) is required for keeping more than permitted number of animals on a premise see Keeping of Animals