Localities of Livingstone Shire

The Livingstone Shire sits within the Fitzroy Region in Central Queensland. Nestled along the beautiful Capricorn Coast it covers approximately 11,776 square kilometres and has a population of almost 36,000 residents. Many towns and villages make up the Shire. 

A coastal town located in Livingstone Shire that is renowned for its beaches, tropical climates and the many accessible islands off the coast. With the introduction of many tourist attractions, a variety of cafes and a calendar full of fun community events, Yeppoon is an emerging town. 

Emu Park is a popular tourist sport and features great fishing, surfing, boating and unspoiled beaches. It also features many great tourist attractions such as the Singing Ship, the ANZAC Memorial walk and the Gatehouse. Great park lands, skate parks and community events are all important factors that makes Emu Park so popular. 

Home of the Byfield National Park, this area has outstanding coastal and forest scenery and numerous camping opportunities in remote locations. Byfield is a relaxing and peaceful little hideaway. A 4WD vehicle is needed throughout the main section of Byfield National Park and to access Byfield Regional Park. 

Farnborough is the only beach with 4WD access and is known for amazing surfing conditions.

Cawarral is a small suburb located on the outskirts of Emu Park. It is a very community focused area in a semi-rural setting. They have a general store, community hall, a kindergarten and a state primary school. This makes it the perfect area to live for many families.

A township unlike any other, Keppel Sands has barely changed since its discovery. It was once known as 'Sandhills' due to the striking sandhills along the beach which can still be seen today travelling along Emu Park Road. It is very well known for its fishing. It is a popular holiday destination and features a hotel, caravan park, local store, two boat ramps and a picnic area.

Nerimbera is a suburb located in the Livingstone Shire. It is mainly a residential and industrial area, which houses two of the largest meatworks in our area providing many jobs for the local community. A very important tourist attraction which is located in Nerimbera is St Christophers Chapel.

The Caves is a small suburb where many community remembers reside due to the country lifestyle as well as the peace and quiet. They have The Caves Pub, as well as a corner store providing all necessities without driving into town. The main attraction are the Capricorn Caves which can be visited most days of the year, with tours running hourly. A beautiful, natural above ground limestone cave system which must be seen!

Marlborough is a settlement located on the main road towards Rockhampton. It is a small historic town with a rustic charm which can be seen in the classic pub, The Marlborough Hotel, and throughout the Marlborough Historical Museum

Ogmore is a great location to camp and spend time in the great outdoors. There is a multitude of creeks and mountains to provide recreational activities.

Find pure tranquility at Stanage Bay - a great spot for fishing (and catching!) fresh reef fish and barramundi. With its beautiful beaches, a variety of bush walking trails and whale, turtles and dugong spotting it is a hidden gem. You are able to camp or rent a self contained house on the beach for your stay.

Great Keppel Island lies 15 kilometres from the coast off Yeppoon. The tropical climate and numerous beaches attract tourists from all over the world. There are a number of accomodation options located on the island. The island is served by ferries and aircraft throughout the year.

Rosslyn Bay has many magnificent views of the Keppel Islands, surrounding coastline and volcanic formations. The Rosslyn Bay Harbour is a consistent hive of acitivity with ferries, cruises, charters and fishing boats departing regularly. North Queensland's largest marina, Keppel Bay Marina is also located at Rosslyn Bay.