Livingstone Shire boasts a large number of breathtaking, tranquil beaches that stretch far and wide throughout the area.
Offering a laid-back, friendly coastal lifestyle we invite you to stay and enjoy our beaches and all they have to offer.
Whether you’re planning a fun day out with family, a picnic with close friends or a romantic dinner for two, our beaches
provide the perfect backdrop.

Remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide!

A list of the main beaches in the Livingstone Shire are shown below. Click on each to see their features,
facilities and locations:

Alligator Bay          
Fishermans Beach                                                  
North Keppel Island Beaches                                      
Arthur Point

Five Rocks Rocky Point
Barwell Creek
Great Keppel Island Beaches

Rosslyn Bay
Castle Bellas                                 
Kemp Beach + Bluff Point         

Rundle Beach (Thompsons Point)  
Causeway Lake
Keppel Sands Main Beach

Stanage Bay
Cocoanut Beach
Keppel Sands Point

Stanage Point
Cocoanut Point
Kinka Beach

Statue Bay  
Cooee Bay
Ladies Beach

Tanby Point    
Coorooman Creek
Lammermoor Beach            

Water Park Point
Corio Bay + Sandy Point + Bangalee                                                                            
Little Corio Bay

Wave Point
Creek Rock + Rita Mada
Mulambin Beach + Pinnacle Point                                                                                         
Yeppoon Main Beach + Ross Creek                                                              
Emu Park Main Beach
Muskers Beach (Zilzie)

Farnborough Beach
Nine Mile Beach


Beach Car Access 
The only beaches vehicles are allowed to drive on legally in the Livingstone Shire region are Farnborough Beach – north of the Bangalee beach access, and beaches in Byfield National Park - Nine Mile Beach and limited access to Five Rocks Beach, (also known as Three Rivers). No driving is permitted on the beaches on North or Great Keppel Islands. For further information, check the answer in Frequently Asked Questions: Can I Drive on Shire Beaches?  

Boat Ramps
Information on the location and access points of Boat Ramps in the Livingstone Shire can be located here.

Jelly Fish Warnings 
While Jellyfish 'season' is commonly between October and May, a lot of our beaches get jellyfish year-round. Please familiarise yourself with how to treat a jellyfish sting. For Sea Creature Bites and Stings, try Health Direct Australia.

Before fishing in our Shire, please familiarise Queensland fishing regulations. Minimum size and maximum bag limits apply to popular reef fish species. Queensland fisheries legislation applies in zones where fishing is permitted. Spearfishing is restricted around North and Great Keppel islands. Visit Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for more information.  

Recommended ‘Staying Safe’ by National Parks, Sport and Racing and Livingstone Shire Council