Byfield offers a wide range of walking opportunities for beginners and experienced walkers. Many of the walked listed are suitable for beginners but require a moderate to good level of fitness. Undefined tracks require walkers to have suitable navigation skills and experience. The coastal range and northern peaks have no marked tracks but are popular for longer treks. Contact Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DERM) for important safety and walking advice, if you are planning on visiting more remote areas. 

Distance: 900 Metres, return trip
Time: Allow approx. 20 minutes
Starting from the Upper Stony day use area, stroll along the creek valley through pockets of Byfield grevillea (which flowers in spring). Enjoy a quick dip in Stony Creek at Freemans Crossing to cool off.

Stony Creek Circuit
Distance: 4.3 Kilometres, return trip
Time: Allow approx. 4 hours
Starting from Upper Stony day use area or camp ground, wander beside picturesque Stony Creek through eucalypt forest and mature exotic pines with bush groundcover. 

Bowenia Rainforest Circuit
Distance: 1.2 Kilometres, return trip
Time: Allow approx. 30 minutes
Starting from Water Park Creek Day Use area, catch glimpses of Water Park Creek through small openings in tall turpentine forest and enjoy the cool rain forest that features the ancient fern-like Bowenia Serrulata (Byfield fern).