Petitions to Council

A petition is a formal written request appealing to Livingstone Shire Council with respect to a particular cause.

The requirements for submitting a properly made petition for consideration by Council are contained within the ‘Petition Guideline’.  Requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

a)  The ‘Petition to Livingstone Shire Council Form’ must be provided to Council in its original format - photocopies will not be  accepted;

b)  Each page of the petition must contain the request or reason for the petition and the name, address, daytime phone number and signature of the Principal Petitioner;

c)  The ‘Petition to Livingstone Shire Council Form’ must detail the name, address and signature of at least 10 Petitioners and the date the petition was signed;

d)  Each Petitioner’s signature must be original and not transferred onto the petition;

e)  An individual Petitioner cannot sign a petition more than once;

f)   No alterations are to be made to the ‘Petition to Livingstone Shire Council Form’;

g)  The petition must be written in plain English or be accompanied by an certified English translation;

h)  The petition must be a standalone document with no other documentation attached with the exception of a translated petition if required; and

i)   The petition must be lodged via acceptable methods as detailed with Petition Guideline;

j)   Petitions provided to Council may relate to anything within Council’s jurisdiction with the exception of the following:

         i.  A request for grants of public money;
        ii.  A request for remission of any rates payable;
       iii.  A request to promote anything that may constitute solicitation, advertisements or               endorsements of any non-governmental agency; and/or
      iv.  A petition that is disrespectful or contains inappropriate language.

For further information please refer to the ‘Petition Guideline