The Livingstone Shire Council promotes the benefits of working together as a whole community and embodies the role of bringing the community together through running multiple services, providing facilities to the public and ensuring that residents are fully involved within the community and the decisions made by the Council.

Residents are encouraged to give back to the community by supporting local businesses, volunteering and attending social events held in the Shire.

The Community Centre is located in the heart of Yeppoon and provides Capricorn Coast residents with a public community hubspace that is safe, welcoming, vibrant, accessible and available to all members of the community.

A total of four libraries are located around the area of Livingstone with all offering access to a wide range of information and resources, both on site and online. Membership is free and available to all ages.

Please use the menu to your left to navigate the full range of services offered to the community in Livingstone Shire.