Approval of a Plan of Subdivision

If your development involves subdivision (reconfiguring a lot), a survey plan must be submitted to Council for approval before you can create the new title. Council approves (also known as sealing or endorsement) the survey plan once the development is finalised and all conditions of all related approvals have been met.

There are a number of different methods for reconfiguring land. These include:

  • Subdivision (may include standard, volumetric or building subdivision);
  • Dividing land by agreement (for example, long-term leases);
  • Boundary realignment; or
  • Access easements.

The Planning Regulation 2017 sets out the requirements for requesting approval and the process for approval of the survey plan.

To help Council process your request effectively and efficiently, make sure you:

  1. Have a registered Surveyor prepare the survey plan;
  2. Comply with all conditions of all relevant approvals, this may include completing certain works;
  3. Pay all rates and charges levied for the land, including infrastructure charges;
  4. Complete the Form: Request for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision Council endorsement of Survey Plans. Please note that Council will not accept an application without this form being submitted and completed; DA Form Request for Approval of Plan of Subdivision
  5. Provide supporting information for the request (refer to the Form for information on what supporting information is required);
  6. Pay the request fee.

You can lodge all supporting information, the form and pay the application fee online, simply by contacting Council just prior to lodgement, whereby an officer will give you a reference number. The original survey plan must still be provided to Council.

Council offers a Pre-lodgement meeting service whereby applicants can discuss a request before lodgement. This is an opportunity for applicants and officers to discuss key matters or outstanding issues relevant to the specific survey plan and associated approvals. Please complete the Prelodgement Meeting Request Form and provide it to Council so we can book your meeting.