Mayor's Discretionary Fund

  The Mayor's Discretionary Fund provides grants for individual
  community organisations.

  1. The Mayor's Discretionary Fund is an annual amount provided in each budget to enable the Mayor to respond to emergent requests for financial assistance from community organisations. The annual amount for 2017-2018 is $10,000.
  2. Grants are available for individual community organisations to apply for, once only per financial year, to enable the grant monies to be spread between eligible community organisations.
  3. Funds for the Mayor's Discretionary Fund are limited, each application is assessed on merit and not all eligible applications can be funded.
  4. Grants to community organisations must be in accordance with Council's Community Assistance Programme Policy.
  5. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for ensuring compliance in accordance with Division 3 Discretionary funds in the Local Government Regulation 2012.
  6. Successful applications and amount funded are listed in Council's Annual Report each year, Council's website and displayed in Council's Customer Service Centre.

  Approval Process

  1. The application will be prepared by the applicant using the requisite Mayor's Discretionary Fund Application Form.  (This form is a fillable PDF, however you will need to print it in order to sign the form before lodging your application.) 
  2. Applications will be assessed to determine eligibility and completeness. 
  3. Applications that meet the eligibility requirements will be submitted to the Mayor for approval or rejection.  The Executive Support Officer will then inform applicants of the Mayor's decision.
  4. Council will complete funding arrangements for successful applications within 30 working days from approval date.

Applications must be submitted in writing on the Application Form, addressed to Mayor's Discretionary Fund, Livingstone Shire  Council, PO Box 2292, Yeppoon QLD 4703 or by email to