Livingstone Shire Council Placemaking Program

Livingstone Shire Council launched the Placemaking Program in 2017.

For those of you not familiar with placemaking, it’s broadly about being more creative in the way we treat and interact with our public spaces in order to create a community that is more inviting, more interesting, more stimulating, more comfortable, more vibrant and more fun. The Council has elected to aggressively pursue
placemaking because it understands that when people love a place/places this adds enormous social and economic value to a community, an outcome that is
core to the role of Local Government.  

You can find out more about placemaking and the scope of Council's goals in the  Placemaking Strategy Document

Looking for inspiration on creative Placemaking? Here's a project proudly sponsored by the Placemaking Program and carried out by Hey There Happiness!

Status of Placemaking Program Implementation                                                                                                                                                                                 
Since placemaking became a Council priority, multiple initiatives have been undertaken to add character to the community. The following is an inventory of installations and activities to date (mid 2018), with information on how the project was delivered, photos and artist name. 

Out There
Yeppoon based artist collective that has delivered a variety of public art works within the Shire and region

Edwards Clarke Indigenous art company based in Nambucca Heads in NSW, specialising in large format indigenous the and region

Mash Design  Yeppoon based artist specialising in street arts and murals

Simon McLean  Gold Coast based artist, specialising in graphic character art and fine arts using oils, charcoal and water colours

Amber Countryman  Yeppoon based artist specialising in recycled art and mosaics

Brendan Tohill  Rockyview based artist, specialising in metal sculpture

Bush Designs  Gracemere based artist specialising in custom metal laser cut artworks and signs

Inky Hippo  An artist based in The Caves specialising in colour and intricate Persian influenced art designs

Hey There Happiness  Yeppoon based artist specialising in community art projects

Jet James  Yeppoon based artist specialising in varied art formats informed and themed by local elements of nature

Rosie Woods  Global street artist, originally from the UK

Yeppoon Yarners  A talented group of local ladies who have turned their knitting, crochet and associated yarning qualities to the creation
of multiple local yarnbombing installations.

Emu Park Knitters and Knotters The southern coast equivalent of the Yeppoon Yarners, equally talented and also responsible for multiple                                                              yarnbombing installations.

Coordinated and funded through the Capricorn Coast
          Placemaking Program

PMPC Coordinated through the Placemaking Program but funded
            from other sources.

LSC Delivered through Divisions of Council (LSCP if undertaken
         in collaboration with private partners) 

P Privately funded and coordinated 

PC Undertaken in partnership between the Placemaking Program
      and community
  1. What
  2. Why
  3. Where
  4. How
  5. Expressions of interest

 can be anything but commonly includes elements such as public art, landscaping, lighting, seating, play features, pedestrian pathways, activities
and events. The goal of placemaking is to get the most community benefit out of public spaces through tweaking what’s already there and through the installation
of creative new features.  Placemaking can be applied to publicly or privately controlled and managed properties.  It is not something that Council does on its own
or does ‘to’ the community; it is something that we all do together.  The main objective of placemaking is to make people linger longer, smile more, engage more, contemplate, feel good about the space they’re in, to come back and to love their community. 

What does it achieve?

  • Activates public spaces by transforming them in ways people relate best to; being more appealing, surprising, activating and engaging
  • Makes people 'Love the Place!'
  • Enhances individual and community wellbeing
  • Creates community identity and pride
  • Enhances property values and investment interest