The following persons were elected as Councillors for Livingstone Shire Council. Councillors and Council can be directly contacted via the online forms on the left hand side of the page. 
Livingstone Shire Council - Councillors Dec 2018 wide
Livingstone Shire Councillors (left to right): Cr Adam Belot, Cr Tom Wyatt, Cr Jan Kelly, Mayor Bill Ludwig, Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton, Cr Glenda Mather, Cr Pat Eastwood
Mayor Bill Ludwig I Mobile 0428 791 792
Representative of: Local Marine Advisory Committee

Cr Ludwig has been a committed community member of the Capricorn Coast for 38 years, where he has
dedicated the majority of his time to community service.

First as President and Vice President of the Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation (1993-97) Chairman and
Event Coordinator of Great Australia Day Beach Party (1994-present), Livingstone Shire Councillor (1997-2000), Councillor Rockhampton Regional Council (2008-2013) and Mayor of Livingstone Shire Council
(2000-08, 2014 - present).

Some of the other positions held have included Capricorn Tourism Board Member, Director and Board Member
of Rockhampton Regional Development Limited, Chairman and Board Member of Central Queensland Farm Forestry Association, Steering Committee to establish Reef Guardian Councils, Local Capricorn Dirt Bike Riders, and Yeppoon Cadets.

Mayor Ludwig has a clear focus on more cost-effective service delivery for residents and ratepayers, as well as ensuring that well thought-out plans and strategies are put in place to enhance and secure sound future economic growth.

One of his passions has always been to champion the creation of opportunities with the Region for young people to develop diverse skills and career paths that will encourage and ensure they have the opportunity to make their homes here. 

 Mayor Bill Ludwig                                                                                                                      
Councillor Nigel Hutton, Deputy Mayor I Mobile 0427 269 248

A local school teacher, youth worker, administrator and Lions member are just a few of the feathers in Cr Hutton's hat and now Councillor has been added to the list. 

Cr Hutton is passionate about serving our community and has been a dedicated member of the Yeppoon Lions and an organiser for the annual Pinefest celebrations for over five years.

With a commitment to financial responsibility, team work and community engagement; Cr Hutton aspires for young people, families, retirees and pensioners to have a strong sense of belonging and community ownership for the Shire.

Having worked at all levels of government, Cr Hutton brings a wide range of experience including service with Brisbane City Council, Queensland Health, Livingstone Shire Council, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the Palace of Westminister and the Australian Taxation Office. 

Cr Hutton has a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Central Queensland University), Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations (Griffith University) and attended the London School of Economics and Politics in 2010 as a Hansard Scholar.
Councillor Nigel Hutton

Councillor Adam Belot I  Mobile 0427 311 430

Cr Belot is a firm advocate for small and large business development and is involved in multiple sporting clubs and community groups across the Capricorn Coast including CQ Board Riders, Yeppoon Choral Society, Capricorn Coast Soccer Club, Yeppoon Gymnastics Club and Yeppoon Little Athetes.

Cr Belot  has studied teaching, taught at Central Queensland TAFE and successfully runs his own small business.

Cr Belot is a strong, caring and empowered Councillor committed to transparency, innovations and sustainability. He works to cut unnecessary costs, reduce waste and stimulate growth for the region.

Cr Belot is raising his family in this community and wants to see it thrive and prosper for a healthy, rich and sustainable future. 

Cr Belot

Councillor Tom Wyatt I Mobile 0417 833 183

Councillor Tom Wyatt brings over 30 years' experience in local government administration with him to Livingstone Shire. He was previously a Councillor on the amalgamated regional Council, and is now honoured to be representing the Livingstone Shire community. 

Cr Wyatt is a long-time resident of the Rockhampton Region and spent time working in Rockhampton Regional Council's Park Department, where he was Director for more than 25 years. Before this he worked for Townsville City Council.

Cr Wyatt is a gardening enthusiast, running his own nursery on the Capricorn Coast and is well known throughout the wider community for his regular segments on ABC Radio, Gardening Talkback with Tom Wyatt, one of the longest running talkback radio shows in Australian history. 

He is an advocate for both affordable housing and aged care and sits on the board for Benevolent Home for Aged Care and is president of Rockhampton and District Pensioners Social and Welfare Society. 

Cr Wyatt is a father of seven adult children and ten grandchildren and is an active member of the local community. 

Cr Wyatt
Councillor Jan Kelly I Mobile 0427 434 167

Cr Jan Kelly has lived and worked on the Capricorn Coast since 1991.

Prior to entering local government, Cr Kelly has worked as a Regional Organiser for the Australian Services Union for more than a decade.

During this time Jan worked with 27 City and Shire Councils pre-amalgamation, and these became seven Regional Councils in 2008. Cr Kelly gained a vast resume of experience working to achieve the best outcomes for workers and councils in Central Queensland.

Cr Kelly's past employment history also includes working for nine years in the Finance area of the previous Livingstone Shire Council, and adds depth to her local government knowledge.

Cr Kelly recognises that Livingstone Shire Council covers a diverse and progressive region from the bush to the bay, and each and every facet of our Shire is equally important to the whole. 

Cr Kelly

Councillor Pat Eastwood I Mobile 0437 410 833

Councillor Pat Eastwood is well known in the Capricorn Coast community as the owner and operator of Capricorn Coast Learn 2 Surf for the past 12 years, as well as School Chaplain at Yeppoon State High School for the last 17 years.

Cr Eastwood and his young family moved to Queensland from Tasmania where he’d worked as a police officer for over a decade.

Moving to the Capricorn Coast in 2001, Cr Eastwood and his family fell in love with the region and he is dedicated to seeing it continue to flourish while keeping its coastal charm.

Cr Eastwood also ran for Council two years ago in 2016, before being elected as the newest member of Councillors in March 2018.

From hospitality, including managing a successful restaurant to policing where Cr Eastwood’s interest and concern for youth started and led him to help establish a PCYC, his passion for community has always been at the forefront of his work.

Cr Eastwood has a strong focus and passion for youth, disability and aged care services and promoting our region’s beauty to attract further tourism and enhance our local economy.

Cr Eastwood
Councillor Glenda Mather I Mobile 0412 100 263

Cr Mather has earned a reputation as a passionate, free-thinking maverick and a hard working Councillor for her constituents.

Cr Mather first became a Councillor for the Livingstone Shire Council in 1988 where she served until 2000. After a term out of office she returned as a Councillor from 2004-2008 before being elected to the Rockhampton Regional Council in 2008 and 2012/

Cr Mather works tirelessly for a better deal for rural residents and has been known to challenge a range of State Government regulations. She is a believer in strong financial control, a fair rating system, strategic land management, nurturing business acumen, addressing youth employment and establishing environmental awareness in our community. 

Cr Mather's vision for Livingstone Shire Council is for it to be clean, green and growing, with a flourishing tourist trade.
Cr Mather