The following persons were elected as Councillors for Livingstone Shire Council. Councillors and Council can be directly contacted via the online forms on the left hand side of the page. 
Livingstone Shire Council - Councillors Dec 2018 wide
Livingstone Shire Councillors (left to right): Cr Adam Belot, Cr Tom Wyatt, Cr Jan Kelly, Mayor Bill Ludwig, Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton, Cr Glenda Mather, Cr Pat Eastwood
Mayor Bill Ludwig I Mobile 0428 791 792

 Mayor Bill Ludwig                                                                                                                      
Councillor Nigel Hutton, Deputy Mayor I Mobile 0427 269 248

Councillor Nigel Hutton

Councillor Adam Belot I  Mobile 0427 311 430

Cr Belot

Councillor Tom Wyatt I Mobile 0417 833 183

Cr Wyatt
Councillor Jan Kelly I Mobile 0427 434 167

Cr Kelly

Councillor Pat Eastwood I Mobile 0437 410 833

Cr Eastwood
Councillor Glenda Mather I Mobile 0412 100 263

Cr Mather