Livingstone Shire - Respect, Diversity, Inclusion 

Cultural Responsive Governance
Livingstone Shire Council strives to deliver equitable services and opportunities and building outcomes.

Inclusive, harmonious and united community
Livingstone Shire Council supports the principle of ‘valuing’ all people in order to develop an integrated, accessible and equitable community.

Economic Opportunities
Livingstone Shire Council welcomes a broad range of backgrounds, interest, values diversity and recognises that our differences are our strength and uniqueness.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:

The Shell Story
The Unity Project
Inclusive Community Policy
Livingstone Access and Inclusion Consultation.
Welcoming Cities membership
Beach Day Out (Disability Action Week)

Local Community Groups:

CCIM - Cap Coast Indigenous Mob Inc.
Gawula Aboriginal Land Trust. 
Joskeleigh Community Association.
CQMA - Central QLD Multicultural Ass.
MDA - Multicultural Development Ass.
CCMG - Capricorn Coast Multicultural Group.
Capricorn Coast Community Access and Equity Group.
Capricorn Coast Additional Needs Network

Further Information:

More information about Darumbal here
More information about Woppaburra here
More information about Australian South Sea Islanders here

To learn more about diversity and culture, check out SBS's Cultural Atlas, an interactive educational resource providing comprehensive information on the cultural background of Australia's migrant populations. This resource provides general guidelines to improve cross-cultural understanding. 

Livingstone Shire Diversity
Final SSI
Countries of Birth
Thank you to Christine Doherty, Chairperson Woppaburra Land Trust; Jeannie Parter, Secretary Australian South Sea Islander Movement Inc;  Darumbal Enterprises and Helen Gallehawk, Project Officer.

All data sourced from ABS Census, 2016. 

Have you visited Livingstone's Respect Tree? 

Located at - Farnborough Beach Access 4, Opposite Ocean Circle, Farnborough Road, Yeppoon. 

The Respect Tree, growing in the reflection space was created as a symbol in our community to highlight the importance of respect for overall community wellbeing.