Sister City and Friendships Relationship

Council established its first Friendship City Agreement with Yangzhong  in Jiansgsu Province, Zhenjiang Prefecture in China and a Town Friendship Agreement, with Xinba, Jiangsu Province, the People’s Republic of China in September 2017.

The objective of the International Relations is to broaden economic and cultural opportunities for our community, promote investment opportunities and grow the economy of the Capricorn Coast region by capitalising on international relationships and providing future partnership and investment opportunities.

The future of the Capricorn Coast region is envisioned as a true global region, renowned for its liveability, connectivity, creativity and prosperity. Establishing relationships with major trading partners such as China will build on the current investment interest in the Capricorn Coast Region promoting Great Keppel Island Resort, Capricorn Resort and future beef and produce export opportunities.

A Sister City Policy has been developed to promote people-to-people links and a contemporary and positive image of Australia. To remain globally competitive the Capricorn Coast region must establish itself strategically in the global community.

Traditionally, Sister City relationships focused on cultural and education exchanges. It is now recognised that these relationships also have the ability to stimulate economic growth, attract investment increase tourism and assist in establishing reliable business contacts which can create long-term benefits to the local community and partners abroad.

They also enable communities to exchange ideas, gain an international perspective and increase their understanding of global issues.