Friendship City Relationship with Yangzhong

Council’s delegation visited the City of Yangzhong in September 2017 to formalise a Friendship City Agreement, explore Yangzhong and promote possible investment prospects in the Capricorn Coast region.  The trade mission was very successful and will help to advance tourism, economic and cultural exchange opportunities with China. The invaluable learning experience has given Council great prospects to explore several investment opportunities, while also continuing to strengthen our new Friendship city agreement and ongoing relationship with the City of Yangzhong. 

The City of Yangzhong and Livingstone Shire will engage closely to enhance the Friendship City relationship, driving common interests to positive outcomes. The City of Yangzhong and Livingstone Shire will work together on opportunities for mutual economic growth and will advocate for each other on potential economic development projects.

As a small but vibrant and diverse community, our journey to establish our global identity is only just beginning and we are fortunate to be able to draw on our new friends in China, for advice, guidance and a shared vision for long term economic prosperity.

Mayor Bill Ludwig and Mayor Zhang De Jun Signing the Friendship City Agreement between Livingstone Shire and The City of Yangzhong, the People’s Republic of China on 15 September 2017

About Yangzhong

Yangzhong is a county-level city under the administration of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, China. It is the easternmost county-level division of Zhenjiang City, located in the middle south of Jiangsu Province and in the cradle of the Yangtze River. It is largely situated on the second biggest island in the Yangtze River, known locally as Yangzhong Island, which was formed about 300 years ago during a major flood event. It occupies an area of about 332 square kilometres, with a land area of 228 square kilometres and a permanent population of 330,000. It is flat (with the exception of a man-made hill which is about 6 metres high) and has an elevation of two to three metres above the normal river level.

Yangzhong port navigates with 136 ports from more than 40 countries and electrical engineering industry accounts for 20% of the domestic market share. The whole city has 54km long deep-water shoreline that is basically undeveloped. As an island in the Yangtze River, Yangzhong has two affiliated islands undeveloped (Xisha Island and Leng Gong Island). Their ecosystems are well preserved, suitable for tourism vacation, health care, regimen and wetland park etc.

Yangzhong and Livingstone will make joint efforts to act as a facilitator of opportunities within each respective region in order to achieve desirable cultural and economic outcomes for mutual benefit and will continue to promote the friendship between the peoples of the City of Yangzhong and Livingstone Shire. The parties will pursue joint efforts to develop positive exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy, commerce, industry, education, tourism, sports, culture, urban construction, the environment and others of complementary interest.