Yeppoon’s Town Friendship Relationship with Xinba

Council’s delegation visited the town of Xinba in September 2017 to formalise the Town Friendship Agreement between Yeppoon and Xinba, and to explore Xinba and promote possible investment prospects in the Capricorn Coast region.  The trade mission was very successful and will help to advance tourism, economic and cultural exchange opportunities with China. The invaluable learning experience has given Council great prospects to explore several investment opportunities, while also continuing to strengthen Yeppoon’s new Town Friendship agreement and ongoing relationship with the Town of Xinba.

The Towns of Xinba and Yeppoon will work together and pursue joint efforts to develop positive exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy, education, tourism, sports, culture and the environment as well as others of complementary interest. The towns will also work together to achieve opportunities for mutual education and cultural growth and advocate for each other via potential exchanges of students, artists and knowledge sharing projects. Both towns will make joint efforts to act as a facilitator of opportunities and friendship within each respective region in order to achieve desirable cultural and economic outcomes for the mutual benefit of Yeppoon and Xinba.

As a small but vibrant and diverse community, our journey to establish our global identity is only just beginning and we are fortunate to be able to draw on our new friends in China, for advice, guidance and a shared vision for long term economic prosperity and community vitality.

Xinba Signing
 Xinba Township Director Tao Jian Guo and Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton signing the Town Friendship Agreement between The Town Xinba, the People’s Republic of China and Yeppoon on 14 September 2017

About Xinba

Xinba Town, Yangzhong City, Zhenjiang Prefecture-level City, Jiangsu Province is located at the northwest part of Yanhzhong City. It is the first town in the Yangzhong City, with a total area of 49.2 square kilometres, 47 thousand people, 12 subsidised administrative villages, two community resident committees and one provincial high-tech industrial development zone.

Presently, Xinba Town has become the national electric power industrial base whose asset reaches 55 billion yuan ($635,549,475), accounting for nearly 20% of the national market share, as well as the sole “China Industry Cluster Regional Brand Demonstration Area” in the national electric industry.