Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy

Smart Region Strategy image

Livingstone Shire Council has developed the Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy to help achieve economic growth powered by digital innovation. This strategy aligns with emerging trends in digital technologies and innovation with an emphasis on leveraging opportunities for regional areas to benefit from the advantages of being proactive in this constantly evolving space.

The Smart Region Strategy’s vision is:

The Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy will support local economic development, liveability and sustainability in both the community and within Council to be future focused, innovative, efficient and engaged.

  1. Alignment
  2. Key themes
  3. Smart Region Initiatives

The Smart Region Strategy has been developed to ensure the following strategic initiatives detailed in the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan are achieved.
• Improving digital engagement and take up amongst local businesses
• Deployment of digital infrastructure to increase business
• Foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurial innovation

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