Funding Opportunities

Livingstone Shire Council takes great pride in supporting our local community, community organisations and their activities in a number of ways.

If you are seeking Council's support, please first consider if the Livingstone Community Grants or the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) suit your requirements. 

In addition to the Livingstone Community Grants and the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), there are also a number of non-Council funding sources available to community members and non-profit organisations. See below for a list of useful link to these resources.

If you seek assistance with a large community event, or are requesting sponsorship, please contact our Events and Engagement Team on (07) 4913 5000 to discuss your project and potential request/s. 

Further Information on Funding Sources (non-Council)

The websites below should direct you to alternative funding programs available. Each funding program will have their own set of guidelines and eligibility, and they are not available through Livingstone Shire Council.

Please note the links below are provided for information purposes only and are not in any way an endorsement of any internet site, service or organisation mentioned and Livingstone Shire Council does not accept responsibility for the content, including any errors or inaccuracies, in any of the below sites.

Tip: Check out your bank, superannuation provider or insurance provider. These large private companies often have grants/funding available for community groups, sporting clubs and individuals. Don't forget to ensure you check the eligibility criteria.

Here are some examples;
Every quarter Indigo Gold releases a complete list of General Grants available.