Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance



Livingstone Shire Council has developed the 'Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan' to provide direction for the future economic growth and development of the Capricorn Coast region through the creation of partnerships and alliances with government, business, investors and industry to build on existing and new investment opportunities. 

​The leadership alliance will oversee the implementation of the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan to ensure a diverse, strong, innovative and sustainable local economy and future for the region.

Economic development requires a concerted effort by numerous organisations working in partnership. No community can succeed in isolation. The economic development plan details the organisations Livingstone Shire Council is partnering with and the strategies and plans that will be employed to deliver the economic development plan.

To this end the Council is establishing a public-private leadership alliance to support implementation of the economic development plan.  The Council is seeking expressions of interest from appropriately qualified members of the business community to serve on this committee which will be known as the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance

The Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance will serve as the frontline interface between the business community and Council.  It will provide a forum for public-private collaboration on projects and help to ensure the delivery of quality projects with high economic impact.  Most importantly, it will identify initiatives that support and improve the community vitality and economic viability through resilience of the local economy, business and industry.

Qualifications for Serving on the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Leadership Alliance.  

To serve on the Leadership Alliance applicants should have a relevant background in business, investment or project management.  The Council is seeking individuals who can meet one or more of the following criteria, including at least one of the first three qualifications.

  • Own and operate a business within the Capricorn Coast region.
  • Education and/or training in a business, commercial or major projects  discipline including business development, employment services, customer service, finance, tourism, innovation, and other comparable business and commercial related disciplines.
  • Experience managing and delivering projects that benefit the economic development of the region and promote local business to business connections.
  • Enthusiasm for improving the economic vitality of the Capricorn Coast region. 
  • Willingness to abide by the Terms of Reference established for the Leadership Alliance.
  • Willingness to attend meetings before, during and after normal work hours.
  • Willingness to publicly advocate for the role of innovation and economic development in creating a diverse and growing economy for our future.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.

Roles and Functions of the Leadership Alliance

The Leadership Alliance is established to provide advice to Council on the following areas:

  • Assist in the implementation and review of the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan
  • Identify initiatives that support and improve the community vitality and economic viability through resilience of the local economy, business and industry
  • Ensuring workforce skills in the region match industry need and enhance innovative and productive capacity of the workforce
  • Identify new models for financing projects, leverage funding and encourage funding partnerships
  • Assist in building long term competitiveness and export readiness by improving access to regional, national and international trading markets, partners, clients and labour to facilitate export of regional successes
  • Identify regional, statewide and national partnerships that contribute to influencing the policies that ultimately support the local economy
  • Nurture a robust and connected start-up ecosystem
  • Promote the advantages of innovation and creativity in business and continue to build knowledge by supporting regular informational networking events
  • Develop project ideas and new opportunities for consideration by Council
  • Input into relevant Council policies and procedures that support a sustainable, viable and growing business sector; and
  • Provide advice on National, State and Local Government infrastructure and services that are impacting on the growth potential of the region.

The Leadership Alliance will consider major projects in both the public and private realms, except that private projects will be considered for review only if the proponent is seeking Council funding or approvals.  Fully funded private projects will not fall under the purview of the Leadership Alliance unless requested.  The Leadership Alliance will be expected to offer advice on public projects regarding their scope, location, priority and economic development benefits.  This advice will strongly influence Council’s decision making on major projects although the Council retains final approval authority. 

The principles and values for on the Leadership Alliance include, but are not limited to:

  • Open approval to collaboration and partnership
  • Decisions must be evidence based
  • Conflict of interest disclosure must apply (no self-interest with this program)
  • All aspects must have the highest level of confidentiality.  This applies to data, decisions, anonymity of responses and evaluations.
  • Local content is to be the focus
  • Strategies must be tailored to the attributes of the region

The formal commitment expected of Leadership Alliance members will be more often during establishment phase and may then become be no more than one meeting quarterly, although any member may call for additional meetings in order to expedite projects and to meet any relevant deadlines, particularly concerning funding.  In line with the responsibilities outlined above, members will be expected to play an active role in espousing the benefits of economic development within the business community. 

Interested parties can refer to the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan for additional information on economic development and the strategic initiatives and opportunities that Council seeks to support. 

If you are interested in serving on the Leadership Alliance please formally express your interest by providing a brief statement via email to economic explaining why you would be a valuable member of the committee in accordance with the attributes outlined in the Terms of Reference and how you could contribute to the committee’s work from an economic development/business improvement/investment perspective.  Expressions of interest close on Friday 21 September 2018.

For any other inquiries please contact the Council’s Economy and Places team at economic .