Active Livingstone Strategy

In developing the Active Livingstone Strategy, Council has produced a considered, evidence-based, planning document that will direct construction of active recreation infrastructure throughout the Shire. The plan outlines realistic and achievable recommendations in relation to future construction budgets that incorporates a range of stakeholder and community input. The emphasis is on determining how the presence or otherwise of physical infrastructure will help the Livingstone community get out and enjoy the great spaces and places of Livingstone. The intention is to create a more walkable, active community – understanding that an active community is a healthy community.
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The Active Livingstone Strategy is a planning document that will guide the delivery of active recreation infrastructure throughout the Livingstone Shire. This evidence-based strategy considers local, state, national, and international trends in active recreation and responds to feedback from a range of local stakeholders, as well as consultation from the wider community. The Active Livingstone Strategy represents Livingstone Shire Council's commitment to delivering infrastructure that supports active, healthy lifestyles.