Friends of the Beach

As Australia`s environment pressures are increasing our need to protect our coastal environments and habitats is of great importance. By volunteering for Livingstone Shire Council`s Friends of the Beach programme your contribution as an individual or with other like-minded volunteers can make a real difference to the health, resilience and natural beauty of the Livingstone Shire. There are many activities in which individuals and/or groups can do to help care for the Shires environment. Friends of the Beach volunteers carry out important activities such as re-vegetation, weed removal, litter collection and monitoring of the different flora and fauna both endemic and exotic.  Volunteering for the Friends of the Beach or similar programmes will bring a significant value to yourself, family, friends, community and visitors to the region. Volunteers  will help protect the Shires beautiful coastline, bushland and waterways and assist in the creating a sustainable environment for the many birds, animals and marine creatures which depend on our natural environment.