Dispute a Parking Fine

If you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the infringement, you may apply for an internal review. All requests for review against an issued parking infringement are to be made as soon as possible after it is received. This is preferably within 7  days. This involves completing the Statutory Declaration for Review of Infringement Notice and returning it to us.

Most internal reviews will be completed within 14 days; however the process can take up to 90 days or longer if additional information is required. A letter will be sent to you advising the outcome of the review process. 

Step 1

An internal review is decided on the following grounds:

  1. Did the offence occur? (The facts and particulars of the offence are correct)
  2. Has the infringement been issued to the correct person? If not, then the registered owner must nominate the driver responsible by providing full name and residential address
  3. Where the circumstances that led to receiving a parking infringement notice were beyond the control of the driver (exceptional circumstances).

Step 2

The following grounds of appeal are NOT CONSIDERED VALID reasons for withdrawal of parking infringement notice:

  • Poor visibility due to weather
  • Not noticing a sign
  • Reading only part of a multi-panel sign
  • Being unable to read the sign from the front seat of the car
  • Forgetting to read the sign
  • Not noticing that a sign/restriction had been changed
  • Running late or being in a hurry
  • Being delayed at an appointment
  • Stopping for a short time in a prohibited area (for example; stopping in a ‘no stopping’ area even if it is just to pick up or drop off passengers or goods)
  • Being new to the area and unfamiliar with the restrictions (this applies regardless of whether the driver is from interstate or overseas)
  • Being unaware of the road rules (all licensed drivers are expected to be aware and comply with the road rules at all times)

Step 3

When contesting your fine please provide as much detail as possible in your explanation.

You must include the following:

  • Parking infringement number
  • Date of offence
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact phone number.

The personal information required on this form is collected by us to assess the internal review. Failure to provide this information means that we can not assess your internal review.

When you have completed the form please return it to us.

Step 4

The following are circumstances are when we may consider withdrawing an infringement notice:

  • If your vehicle has broken down
  • If you are in or involved in a medical emergency

All of these circumstances must be backed up with documentation, such as a letter from the hospital or your doctor, copies of towing dockets and repair invoices, or copies of lease documents and contracts of sale. We may also require a Statutory Declaration if the circumstances are complex and not fully explained by third party documentation. 

What happens if your appeal is unsuccessful?

You have the option of either paying the infringement notice or electing to have the matter heard in the Magistrate's Court. You must notify us in writing if you wish to refer the matter to the Magistrate's Court. If you fail to pay or respond within 28 days of the decision notice date, we will commence further legal process.

For more information on parking fines contact us at our Online Service Centre.