Roadside Slashing

Roadside Slashing
Slashing on gravel roads is not normally undertaken unless to address urgent visibility or safety issues.

In the case of roadside shoulder slashing on bitumen roads, the owner is requested to notify Council of their concerns by contacting our Customer Service Centre or submitting an enquiry via Council’s online services. The area will be inspected and if found to meet intervention level, placed on the slashing program for when the maintenance crew are next in the area.

In the case of gravel road shoulders, land owners are advised that Council does not slash roadsides but relies on the grading maintenance crew to remove grass growth when normal maintenance activities are carried out in the area. Slashing will be done on gravel roads in some circumstances where a safety hazard is perceived to exist and/or when the grading crew is not expected in the area for a considerable time.

In the case of clearing/slashing of the road reserve in front of a property for cosmetic purposes, the land owner is required to apply for approval to clear vegetation via a Works in Council Controlled Areas and Roads Application. The application will be assessed and any plant species of interest may be ordered to be protected and/or re-established in an approved location.

Work on a road reserve is not permitted to be carried out by private persons without approval.