Principal Place of Residence - Status for Rating

What is Owner-Occupier Status?
Owner Occupier Status for Rating Purposes applies to all ratepayers who live in their own home, pay rates and contribute to the local community on a day to day basis within Livingstone Shire Council (LSC). To be eligible for the residential owner occupied rate categories the ratepayer must submit an application on the property which is the ratepayer’s principal place of residence in order for Council to categorise properties correctly for differential rating.

What is the difference between Owner Occupied and Non Owner Occupied differential rating categories?
Owner occupied is where the owner resides at the property for more than 60% of the financial year, the property must be your principal place of residence and be:
• A dwelling, a dwelling with a granny flat; or one of a strata titled multiple unit.

Non Owner Occupied is generally where the property is not your principal place of residence.

What must I do if it is my principal place of residence?
Please choose from below options prior to the issue of your next rates notice.

1. Visit Councils online services and complete the questionnaire and upload supporting documentation; or

2. Complete and sign the Notification of Owner-Occupier Status Application Form and return to council via email or post with necessary supporting documentation.

What is deemed as suitable supporting documentation for owner occupier status?
An Ergon account or utility account that states the postal address is the property address, drivers licence (ensure front and reverse of card is supplied), Australian Electoral Commission check ie you are enrolled to vote at this address (if you allocate this as your identification measure you MUST provide Council with your full names (including middle name) ie John James Smith).

What if I am purchasing a new property and it is non owner occupied?
Solicitors adjustments will continue to occur at settlement, it will be necessary for you to ensure that if you intend for the new property to become your principal place of residence for more than 60% of the time, you notify Council prior to our next rates generation.