Payment Dates and Discount

Time for Payment (s 118 Local Government Regulation 2012)

Rates and utility charges referred to in this Revenue Statement shall generally be levied half yearly (billing periods beginning July/August and January/February) with the exception of water consumption which will be levied at quarterly intervals on a rolling basis. Such rates and utility charges shall be payable by the due date detailed on the rate notice.

All rates and charges issued will be due and payable within 35 days of the issue of a notice to pay.

Discount (s 130 Local Government Regulation 2012)

Discount at the rate of ten (10) percent will be allowed on gross Council rates and charges, excluding any charge specifically excluded from discount entitlement, provided payment of the full amount outstanding, including any overdue rates and interest to the date of payment, less any discount entitlement, is paid by the due date on original notice of the levy. 

Charges excluded from discount entitlement include:

Rural Fire Levy

Emergency Services Levy

North West Emu Park Sewerage Benefited Area Special Charge

Causeway Township Sewerage Benefited Area Special Charge

Mulambin Sewerage Benefited Area Special Charge

Muskers Beach Revetment Wall – Special Charge

Water Consumption Charges

Natural Environment Separate Charge

Road Network Separate Charge

Disaster Response Separate Charge