An old toilet, a soiled mattress, and an abandoned DVD boxset of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

What do these items have in common? They are items that you or your neighbour doesn't require at your property any longer!

There comes a time in many households when items they once loved are no longer required. Where will they go? Are they doomed to waste away at the Landfill?

There has been a long-running tradition of kerbside BULK collections in Australia over many years.

The last kerbside BULK collection was conducted by Livingstone Shire Council after Cyclone Marcia in 2015 - this was due to a declared Natural Disaster.

Previous to this, the last kerbside BULK collection was conducted in 2007. The participation rates were very low and cost of the service was quite high. This type of service is labour intensive and requires considerable manual handling which provides some real safety risks to workers.

How can you dispose of unwanted items?
  • Council provides twelve (12) Waste Vouchers per property annually - this is for Domestic use only
  • There is free disposal of recyclables, metal items, batteries and oil at Council's Waste Transfer stations and Yeppoon Landfill
  • A Tip Shop is located at Yeppoon Landfill which takes unwanted goods (in good order and as confirmed for sale by Council's Contractor - Endeavour Foundation) for residents who are 'decluttering' their homes
  • Donating to charities is always an option - e.g St Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army
  • Sell your items on Facebook or eBay - this is a simple way to sell something, list it, upload some pictures and away you go converting your unwanted goods into cash
  • Have you thought of re-purposing an item - an old toilet can become a plant holder and looks great in the garden!