Water Connections/ Private Works

Water Connections
New Water Connections
Council will install a metered connection to properties within the water supply areas as follows:
Standard Connections (20mm dial)
Installation of a 20mm water meter and meter box connected to
existing water service infrastructure.
Non-Standard Connection
A private works application must be submitted to obtain a quote for
Council to undertake any of the following non-standard connection:
   a) Provide a connection when there is no existing water service
       infrastructure for the property;
   b) Provide a connection greater than 20mm;
   c) Provide additional connections to water infrastructure for duplexes;
   d) Relocate, raise or lower a water meter; and
   e) Other miscellaneous work as approved
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Application Form Standard Water Connection/Disconnection form
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Sub-metering refers to a water meter and related equipment (including automatic meter reader) within a complex of meterable premises that measures the supply of water to meterable premises. 
Meterable Premises
Metereable premises constructed in a water service area after 1
January 2008 are required to identify water usage of individual tenancies
or owners. This is achieved through the installation of sub-meters in 
accordance with the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code pt 4 and
Council's Sub-metering Policy and Procedure. 

For the purpose of sub-metering, meterable premises are those where
individual tenancies or owner's water use must be metered and include:

   a) Each lot within a community title scheme, including the common property,
       in a water service provider's area;
   b) The sole-occupancy unit of a class 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 building in a water 
       service providers area; and
   c) Each storey of a class 5 building in a water service provider's area where
       the building consists of more than one storey and sole-occupancy units 
       are not identified at the time of the building's compliance assessment. 
Sub-meter Certification 
Plumbing approval must be obtained for the installation of sub-meters.
An Application for Sub-meter Certification must be submitted with the
appropriate fee. 

Council will conduct a sub-meter certification inspection following approval
of the final plumbing inspection. During the inspection Council will record the
meter reading on each sub-meter and verify that:

   a) The sub-meters are accessible for reading and maintenance;
   b) The serial number on each sub-meter matches the serial number shown
        on the As Constructed Plans;
   c) Each sub-meter is correctly installed and only measuring flow to the 
       meterable premises being tested. Verification will be done by physical
       testing; and
   d) Tagging details such as meter numbers and the identification of the 
        meterable premises is accurate.
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Application Form Application for Sub-meter Certification form