Local Government Responsibility

Council has an important role to protect the community from any exposure to asbestos. Local government are also responsible for managing and responding to asbestos incidents in non-workplace settings (e.g. domestic premises) under public health legislation

Council will respond to complaints and enquiries about:

  • • derelict properties
  • • general asbestos safety issues
  • • illegal dumping of asbestos
  • • unsafe handling, removal or transport of asbestos at a residential property conducted by a homeowner, occupant or owner-builder

Any complaints and enquiries regarding a business, contractor or a person at a commercial premises should be directed to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or contact on 1300 362 128.

Local government has certain obligations and responsibilities under the Public Health Act 2005 and Environmental Protection Act 1994. Council may, where unsafe works associated with asbestos material are proven, serve notices and orders on a person or company carrying out the works. Penalties of up to 100 Penalty Units may apply.