People with Disability


Beach Day Out 2019

International Day of People with Disability Awards - Winners 2018
Erin and Jayce

The International Day of People with Disability is held annually across Australia on 3 December to celebrate and recognise the achievements, contributions and abilities of people with disability.

Above left - Sara Baynton (and her mum) with the Yeppoon Lions/Beryl Dowling Award 

Above Right - Erin Crute, winner of the Mayor's Award and her son Jayce. 

Below left - Peter - a representative for winner of the Mayors Award Erin Crute.

Below right - Sara Baynton receiving the Lions Yeppoon/Beryl Dowling Award from John Lindsay (Yeppoon Lions) with her mum and support worker.

Left - Guest Speaker - Elizabeth Frost gave a speech and then performed a dance to 'This is Me' from The Greatest Showman. 
Right - Nominees for the Mayor's Award - Karen Hollingsworth, Cr Hutton (for Erin Crute), Jasmin Griese and Sandie Brinkley. 

The Lions Yeppoon
 Beryl Dowling Award and the Mayor’s Award aim to honour and recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals within the Livingstone Shire Local Government area, who have worked towards improving the lives of people with disability.

These awards acknowledge their contribution to greater social inclusion, increased recognition of equality, and human rights for all Australians.

Award Categories
The Lions Yeppoon Beryl Dowling Award is to recognise the person with a disability who has worked towards improving the lives of people with disability and contributed to greater social inclusion, or has done tremendous general community work and is a community champion within the Livingstone Shire community.

The Mayor’s Award is to recognise a personal or community carer, or support worker for their formal and informal care of an individual or group of people with disability who has significantly improved the lives of the person/group they are caring for in the Livingstone Shire community.

- Nominees for the Lions Yeppoon Beryl Dowling Award must live in the Livingstone Shire Local Government area
- Nominees for the Mayor’s Award must live/or work in the Livingstone Shire Local Government area
-The achievement for which the person is being nominated needs to be ongoing or have taken place continually in the 2015 calendar year
- The achievement for which the person is being nominated must have taken place in Livingstone Shire Local Government area or in a way which impacts positively on people with a disability living in Livingstone Shire Local Government area
- Individuals can only be nominated in one category

Submissions (due by October 31st)
- All nominations must be submitted by a referee
- Reasons for Nomination - The referee (person nominating) needs to provide a maximum of 250 words about why the person is being nominated, including their achievements and details of how they meet the criteria
- Nominations will be accepted via mail, email or fax. Any supporting material submitted with nominations will not be returned, so it is recommended that copies of supporting material are provided

Selection Process and Presentation

- Nominations will be assessed by a selection panel organised by Capricorn Coast Community Access and Equity Group.
- The awards will be presented in Yeppoon in conjunction with the International Day. 
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