Naming of Parks, Roads and Bridges (Infrastructure Assets)

Naming of assets
Naming of roads, bridges and parks (infrastructure assets) provides an opportunity to honour individuals and groups for contributions and achievements that deserve recognition. They also present an opportunity to emphasise important landmarks, geographical features or history that may be more relevant in some cases. The issue of naming infrastructure assets may arise either in the case of existing unnamed infrastructure at the instigation of Council or the community or as a result of new infrastructure being constructed as part of Council works or residential development.

Before contacting Council, community members should read the Naming of Infrastructure Assets Policy and Procedure, which provide a consistent approach to the naming of Infrastructure Assets to ensure that: 

  • Public consultation is undertaken where necessary and nominations received from the public are assessed against pre-determined criteria to ensure transparency; 
  • Any new names do not conflict with names presently in use; 
  • Council’s road network has an easily recognisable system of road names that assist both pedestrians and motorists and provides a safe traffic environment; and 
  • Council’s parks and reserves can be easily identified.