MGB Placement and Filling Guidelines

The correct placement and filling of MGBs allows us to provide an efficient and timely collection service.

Waste and Recycling collections may be provided by Livingstone Shire Council in the Designated Waste Collection Areas in accordance with the Waste Management Schedule. Collection services are performed under contract by JJ Richards.

MGB Placement Guidelines

On your scheduled collection day you should:  

  • present your MGBs at the collection location* before 6am on the day of the scheduled collection and return it inside your property boundary within 24 hours after the scheduled collection day;
  • ensure the lid opening is facing the road;
  • place your MGBs 1m apart if there is more than one;
  • position your MGBs clear of any obstructions such as cars, power poles and trees; 
  • do not leave any materials next to your MGB;
  • present your MGBs at the collection location* in such a manner that does not prevent its complete emptying without manual intervention.

MGB Filling Guidelines

    An MGB will not be collected if it:  

    • is overfull and the lid does not fully close;
    • is not supplied by Council;
    • is not correctly oriented in a position to facilitate collection;
    • exceeds a total weight of 85 kilograms which is too heavy to be lifted; 
    • is a recycling MGB and is contaminated with non-recyclable waste; or
    • has not been presented at the collection location* before 6am on the scheduled collection day.
    If a MGB has not been collected, the occupier will be informed of the reason why and that it will be emptied in the following weeks collection, providing the problem has been rectified.

    * Collection Location means a place at, or adjacent to, premises at which a standard general waste container associated with the premises can be easily accessed by a general waste collection vehicle without causing obstruction.

    MGB placement and filling is addressed in Council's Waste and Recycling Collection Procedure.