Waste MGBs

Livingstone Shire Council may provide premises within the Designated Waste Collection Areas with standard waste containers to be collected in accordance with the Waste Management Schedule.

What CAN go in your waste MGB?

  • food scraps;
  • meat trays;
  • plastic bags;
  • wrapping film;
  • household waste;
  • broken crockery, glassware and mirrors (wrapped for safety);
  • polystyrene foam; and
  • nappies.

What CAN'T go in your waste MGB?

  • car and household batteries and light bulbs;
  • paints, oils, chemical and liquids;
  • gas bottles and cylinders;
  • building materials;
  • syringes and medical waste;
  • household recycling; and
  • garden organics.
Follow the MGB Placement and Filling Guidelines to ensure your MGB is properly emptied on your scheduled collection day.

Waste Bin.jpg
Red-lid MGBs 

Livingstone Shire Council is gradually transitioning from green lidded MGBs to red lidded MGBs to align with the Australian Standards for Mobile Waste Containers.

Red lids on waste MGBs will replace the current dark green lids through the existing maintenance program.

The change over process will be ongoing due to the number of properties that receive collections throughout the Shire.

The change of bin lid colour will not affect the use or collection of the waste MGB. You should continue to use your waste MGB as usual.

Fees and Charges 

Utility charges for waste and recycling collections are levied in accordance with Council’s Revenue Statement. A full list of waste and recycling fees and charges are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule.