Recycling MGBs

Livingstone Shire Council may provide premises within the Designated Waste Collection Areas with standard recycle containers to be collected in accordance with the Waste Management Schedule.

What CAN go in your recycling MGB?

  • cans (aluminium, steel and empty aerosols);
  • paper and cardboard (newspaper, magazines, phone books);
  • cartons (empty milk, juice cartons, poppers);
  • plastics (all bottles, container trays and tubs - check for the recycling symbol);
  • glass (bottles and jars only);
  • empty, clean pizza boxes (no food or oils); and
  • aluminium foil (including food trays, disposable pie dishes).

What CAN’T go in your recycling MGB?  

  • food scraps and general household waste;
  • building materials;
  • car and household batteries;
  • plastic bags;
  • nappies;
  • toys, clothes and shoes;
  • gas bottles and cylinders;
  • needles and syringes;
  • medical waste;
  • sanitary products;
  • paints, oils, chemicals and liquids;
  • ceramics, crockery, glassware, light bulbs and mirrors;
  • greenwaste such as grass clippings;
  • paper wrapping from reams of office paper;
  • steel coat hangers;
  • garden hoses and rope;
  • flimsy plastic trays from packet biscuits; and 
  • very small items such as disposable razors, stubby lids and pens.

Recycle Bin

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Top Tips for Recycling  

  • remove liquids and food from items before placing in recycling MGB;
  • flatten boxes; and
  • use a reusable bag to store your recyclables, then empty the contents into the recycling MGB.

Recyclables from Livingstone Shire are sent to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF plays a vital role in minimising our environmental footprint, as it ensures that recyclable materials are not sent to landfill but are processed and made into new products to be reused. 

A recycling MGB will not be collected if it is contaminated with non-recyclable waste.

Fees and Charges

Utility charges for waste and recycling collections are levied in accordance with Council's Revenue Statement. A full list of waste and recycling fees and charges are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule.