Council Nursery

Council's Community Nursery is now located at the Yeppoon Landfill, 2745 Yeppoon Road. Ask for directions at the Weighbridge. The Nursery produces local provenance native plants mainly for the purpose of restoring local native vegetation communities. The Community Nursery is run with the help of volunteers.

Provenance plants:
      * have improved chances of survival as they are adapted to the local environment,
      * require less water and maintenance than exotic plants or Australian native plants from different environments, have excellent streetscape potential,
      * are an essential habitat and food source for local wildlife,
      * will not become environmental weeds, and are an effective means of preventing soil and beach erosion.

Provenance plants are propagated from the Nursery seed bank, grown to order and sold in 50mm tubes. Plants are available for Council projects, and may be purchased by developers, organisations and the general public.

Council may provide plants to support projects to restore native vegetation types and establish wildlife habitat.

For plant prices and specific details regarding ordering of plants, or to enquire about volunteering at the Nursery, please contact the Nursery Supervisor Nick Smith on 0438 149 460.