Environmentally Relevant Activities

  1. Categories of Environmentally Relevant Activities

    Environmentally relevant activities are industrial or intensive agricultural activities that will, or have the potential to, release contaminants into the environment that may cause environmental harm. They include a wide range of activities such as aquaculture, sewage treatment, metal recovery, surface coating, asphalt manufacturing and mining.

  2. Annual Returns and Fees

    Environmentally Relevant activities. As the holder of an environmental authority, you will be required to pay an ongoing annual fee for your environmental authority and be required to submit an annual return.

  3. Requirement to Complete a Work Diary

    If you operate a mobile and temporary environmentally relevant activity, other than regulated waste transport, you are required to maintain a work diary.

  4. Taking over an Envrionmentally Relevant Activity

    Environmentally Relevant Activity. It is recommended that you conduct a business search to determine if there are any outstanding requisitions or outstanding fees owed by the business.

  5. Transferring an Environmentally Authority

    You may wish to transfer your environmental authority in some situations. For example, if you sell a business that includes an environmental authority, you will need to transfer the environmental authority to the new business owner.

  6. Changing an Environmental Authority

    As the holder of an environmental authority, you may wish to amend your environmental authority from time to time. Amending an environmental authority may involve changes to conditions or adding new activities to an operation.

  7. Combining an Environmental Authority

    If you hold a number of environmental authorities, you may apply to combine your separate environmental authorities into one amalgamated environmental authority provided they: Are all held by the same legal entity; and All have the same administering authority.

  8. Surrendering an Environmental Authority

    If you hold an environmental authority you may, at any time, apply to surrender your environmental authority voluntarily.

  9. Suspending an Environmental Authority by Holder

    As the holder of an environmental authority you may apply to suspend your environmental authority voluntarily (e.g. if you intend to suspend an activity for 1-3 years). However, Council may refuse to process your application if you have any fees outstanding.

  10. Cancel/Suspend Environmental Authority by Council

    Council may cancel or suspend an environmental authority if certain events occur. These events are specified in section 278 of the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

  11. Notifiable Activities

    Under Schedule 3 of the Environmental Protection Act 1994, certain activities are defined as notifiable activities. If the owner or occupier of land becomes aware a notifiable activity is being carried out on the land, the owner or occupier must give notice to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

  12. Register as a Suitable Operator

    An environmental authority cannot be issued until you are a registered suitable operator.

  13. Applying for an Environmental Authority

    All the environmentally relevant activities listed are known as concurrence environmentally relevant activities and trigger a material change of use for the environmentally relevant activity under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

  14. Technical Information

    You must provide technical information for your environmental authority as it is a site specific application. Some amendment applications will also require technical supporting information.

  15. When does my Environmental Authority take Effect?

    The date your environmental authority takes effect (effect date) depends on the type of activity. Common effect dates for prescribed environmentally relevant activities is when the development permit takes effect.

  16. Complying with an Environmental Authority

    As the holder of an environmental authority in Queensland, you will need to meet certain requirements to comply with your environmental authority.