Walking Tracks & Bikeways

Walking and biking is a fun and free way to get active! There are many walking tracks, cycling paths and cement circuits throughout the Livingstone Shire. There are also multiple walking tracks and hiking routes on our beaches, local parks and state forests. 

There are many physical and mental benefits to exercising;

  1. It's FUN and FREE! 
  2. Even just thirty minutes of exercise a day, can improve your health and prevent the risk of many diseases and illnesses.
  3. Physical activity encourages social interactions and can improve your personal confidence and self awareness.
  4. It is also beneficial to improve your mental health as it reduces depression and anxiety.
  5. A lifestyle that incorporates physical activity will improve your happiness and health.
If you are considering doing bush or beach walks that are more isolated please remember these useful tips;

  1. Ensure that the walk is suitable for your level of fitness and you know the exact location.
  2. Check for park and weather alerts
  3. Let someone know where you are going and times you are leaving/returning approximately.
  4. Wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and shoes.
  5. Pack food and water.

For more tips head to Walk Safely tips on the Queensland Government website.