There are a number of cemeteries in the Livingstone Shire. For further information contact Council’s Customer Service on (07) 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919.

Cemeteries Under Council Control
Cawarral Cemetery
Cemetery Road, Cawarral (Lot 18 C855)
Cawarral Cemetery Index
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Emu Park Cemetery
Emu Park Road, Emu Park (Lot 132 CP906603)
Emu Park Cemetery Index
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Joskeleigh Cemetery
Joskeleigh Road, Joskeleigh (Lot 32 LN2641)
Joskeleigh Cemetery Index
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Milman Cemetery
Milman Road, Milman (Lot 102 CP886608)
Burial Index: Milman Burial Index 
Yaamba Cemetery 
Iris Street, Yaamba (Lot 79 LN1344)
Burial Index: Yaamba Cemetery Index

Yeppoon Cemetery
Cordingley Street, Yeppoon (Lot 12 RP620865 and Lot 135 LN2048)
Burial Index: Yeppoon Cemetery Index

Cemeteries Not Under Council Control
Marlborough Cemetery 
Coorumburra Road, Marlborough (Lot 87 C8119)
Burial Index: Marlborough Web Index 

Warcons Road, Cawarral (Lot 4 RP887496)
Burial Index: Warcon Cemetery Index