Adopted Infrastructure Charges

Infrastructure charges are levied against some forms of development within the Local Government area. The current Resolution (No.3) commenced on 29 January 2018.
In addition Council also has some incentives available for Reconfiguring a Lot and Industrial Development.

Development Incentive Policy - Reconfiguring a Lot 

Options regarding the deferment of the payment of Infrastructure Charges and General Incentive Programs are a decision of each Local Government. In this regard, Council updated its incentives policy in November 2017 to provide the potential for reconfiguring a lot development to defer infrastructure charges where reconfiguring five lots or more.

This policy previously was only applicable for fifteen lots or more. Please contact our team on 1300 790 919 or via 

Adopted Infrastructure Charges Explained

Council levies infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process. These charges apply when reconfiguring a lot, material change of use or building works occurs that generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks.

Charges collected or assets constructed contribute to the provision of essential trunk infrastructure to service development. Trunk infrastructure is significant infrastructure that supports large areas or catchments and is classified into five networks managed by Council:

  1. water supply network,
  2. sewerage network,
  3. transport network,
  4. stormwater network, and
  5. public parks and land for community facilities.

Charges are calculated and levied under the Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution. Council has had five Charges Resolutions that apply to development applications:

Has effect on and from:  Infrastructure Charges
29 January 2018 for all development applications 
proposed on or after this date.
 Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.3) LSC 2018
30 June 2015 for all development applications
submitted on or after this date
Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 2) LSC 2015
18 July 2014 for all development application
decisions made on or after this date
Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) LSC 2014
2 January 2013 for all development application
decisions made on or after this date
Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 2) 2012
3 January 2012 for all development application
decisions made from 3 January 2012 to 1 January 2013

Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2011

Latest News

On 12 December 2017, Council considered and adopted a new Infrastructure Charges Resolution (AICR) (No.3) Livingstone 2018.  The new charges for development commenced on 29 January 2018.

The principle changes are: 

  • An increase in infrastructure charges from $21,000 to $25,000 per additional lot or new dwelling with 3 or more bedrooms within the Priority Infrastructure Area - the first increase since 2011. The maximum charge is set by The State under the State Planning Regulatory Provisions (Adopted Infrastructure charges), and currently is set just over $28,000. This resolution remains below the maximum charge. 
  • Change to proportional splits over the five (five) trunk networks, with the exception of sewerage which remains to collect 17% of the adopted charge;
  • Change of proportional costs to reflect the overall charge increase and splits changing; 
  • Confirmation of indexing to be applied - this has been included in previous resolutions but never applied;
  • Amendment to Table 4: Adopted charge for development uses within the Priority Infrastructure Area to ensure alignment with the descriptions within the State Planning Regulatory Provisions and inclusion of new use terms to reflect land use definitions under the Queensland Planning Provisions (as contained in Councils new Livingstone Planning Scheme);
  • Changes to Stormwater and Public Parks and Land for Community Facilities network - Desired Standards of Service;
  • An update to the Schedule of Works - to align items with the cost for the work listed only - not total replacement; and 
  • Updated maps of trunk infrastructure - Table 22: Locality Plans for Trunk Infrastructure Networks

The following key features of the current Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.2) Livingstone Shire 2015 remain unchanged:

  • The Priority Infrastructure Areas;
  • The charge areas; and 
  • The ability to apply indexing to the charges.

Enquiries on the Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution can be made to Council at