Operational Works

An 'Operational Works' development application is required when: 
  • excavating or filling of land (i.e. earthworks including change of ground level for retaining walls, construction of a dam) 
  • civil works for new subdivisions (i.e. connection to Council and external infrastructure) and other works associated with a material change of use of premises or reconfiguring a lot. 
  • placing an advertising device on premises 
  • undertaking road works on Council roads 
  • clearing vegetation in accordance with state legislation 
  •  landscaping works

Refer to the forms below for further information regarding the Operational Works process:
DA Application Forms
Fees and Charges
For fees applicable to Operational Works refer to the Council Fees and Charges - Development Assessment list.

Stages in obtaining compliance with Operational Works Permit:

(i) A Prestart Meeting is required prior to commencing works on site – please contact Council’s Technical Officer – Development Assessment on 1300 790 919 to arrange;

(ii) Progress Inspections – At the site meeting, you will be provided with the attending Council Officers contact details. Please contact the relevant officer to book progress inspections - fees apply. NB. Reinspections for non-compliant works attract a higher fee .

(iii) Final Inspections – at the completion of the works, you are required to book in a Final inspection with Council’s Technical Officers (same process as for progress inspections). NB. Reinspections for non-compliant works attract a higher fee.
To enable operational works to be accepted ‘on defects’ you are also required to provide the following items: 

(iv) Defects Liability Bond
Submission of a Bank guarantee or cash bond is applicable when there will be assets handed over to Council as a result of the development. This bond is calculated at 5% of the construction costs (including GST) of the infrastructure to become Council assets.

(v) Bonding Deed
A bonding deed and costing schedule is required to accompany submission of the defects liability bond payment. The defects period commences effectively from the date the survey plan is endorsed and is for a minimum period of 12 months, after which, Council will conduct an ‘Off Defects’ inspection prior to the return of the bond.

(vi) As-constructed plans
Submissions are required to be emailed to enquiries@livingstone.qld.gov.au. When submitting the required as-constructed data for Council approval, please ensure that the works have passed Council Final Inspections. Please contact Council’s Infrastructure Operations Unit on 1300 790 919 to arrange for a final inspection if you have not already done so.

(vii) Documents required
The following documents where applicable are required to be submitted to Council prior to Council accepting the works ‘on defects’:

  • Engineering Construction and Supervision Certificates - confirmation that the works have been completed in accordance with the approved drawings and technical specifications – signed by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ); 
  • Test Results (for example: compaction of fill material; road sub-grades, etc);
  • When the above stages of the Operational Works have been completed, they can be accepted ‘on defects’. The ‘on defects’ period commences from the date the survey plan is endorsed.