Disaster Recovery

Cobraball Fires - Fees waived:

As a result of the Cobraball Fires 2019, certain development application fees have been waived where the works are replacement / rebuilding as a result of damage caused by that event to an existing building. 

If lodging online, please select the options that relate to the Cobraball Fires.  Please note that a Statutory Declaration from the owner will be required to accompany the building application stating that the owner(s) insurer does not cover Council application fees.

Replacement or Rebuilding Part of a Building:

(if the work is structural and work is less than 20% of structural area then no application is required)


  • Class 10 shed, garage or carport                                     $632                                        Fee waived
  • Class 1 dwelling                                                                $1,019                                     Fee waived
  • Class 1 & Class 10 combined                                          $1,200                                     Fee waived


  • Class 10 shed, garage or carport                                     $714 (includes 2 inspections)        Fee waived
  • Class 1 dwelling (1 & 2 storey)                                         $1,585 (includes 4 inspections)    Fee waived

Plumbing & Drainage

  • On Site Sewerage Facility (OSSF) replacement only      $753 (includes 2 inspections)       Fee waived
  • Class 1 dwelling & OSSF                                                 $1,885 (includes 5 inspections)    Fee waived
  • Class 10 shed including fixtures                                       $780                                        Fee waived
  • Class 10 shed and OSSF                                                 $1,533                                     Fee waived

Demolition and Rebuilding (demolition fees are included in the above fees):

  • Class 10 shed, garage or carport                                                                                     Fee waived
  • Class 1 dwelling                                                                                                                Fee waived

Demolition Only (it is proposed to not rebuild):

  • Demolition of buildings                                                      $505 (includes 1 inspection)         Fee waived
  • Demolition – Plumbing & Drainage                                  Notifiable Work with

      (dwelling or shed with amenities)                                     Qld Building & Construction Commission

Please note that any development applications lodged with private certifiers pertaining to Cobraball Fires 2019 will not attract a fee waiver.  However, Council will waive the archive fee for the private certifier for these works when they lodge through Council’s Online Portal.


Please refer to Information Sheet “Cobraball Fires – Planning / Building / Plumbing & Drainage Works” for a guide of what rebuilding works will require development approval.


Livingstone Shire Council, PO Box 2292, Yeppoon 4703

Telephone: 1300 790 919 or 4913 5000

Email: enquiries@livingstone.qld.gov.au

Additional support

On 3 December 2019, Council ratified a Mayoral Minute regarding the Cobraball Fires 2019.  An excerpt is below.

Option Three: Council utilises a mix of acknowledging existing use rights and exemption certificates for circumstances where ‘like’ is replacing ‘like’ or in circumstances where a bushfire management plan has identified a site which is less susceptible to the impacts of natural disasters. Furthermore, Council waive the application fees associated with development applications required for planning, building or plumbing and drainage permits, in instances where the applicant’s insurance does not cover such costs or the individual was not insured.”

Please note that a Statutory Declaration from the owner will be required to accompany the development applications stating that the owner(s) insurer does not cover Council application fees.

Replacing or Rebuilding Part of a Building:


  1. Schedule 1 and 2 of the Building Regulation 2006 prescribes building work which does not require an       approval. However, such work must still comply with all relevant building codes and standards.
  2. Work which involves repairs and/or replacing of fixtures (for example: kitchen cupboards and floor       coverings) will not require a building approval.
  3. Work involving more extensive repair work affecting the structural components of a building will require a       building approval.
  4. Minor structural work where the work does not affect more than twenty (20) per cent of the building’s       structural parts will not require a permit but the work must comply with current building codes (also see       next item)
  5. Where roof sheeting is to be replaced, the upgrading of the tiedown connections for the structure may       need upgrading. An application will therefore be required. Enquiries should be referred to your nominated       building certifier.


  1. Minor Work (Minor work category, resulting in no fee, as no notification to QBCC or Council is required)
  • Repairing a broken or damaged pipe
  • Replacing, maintaining, repairing or removing a fitting or fixture
  • Repairing an onsite sewerage facility  

2.    Notifiable Work (Form 4. There is no fee for Council, but a fee and notification to QBCC is required)

  • Replacing water supply piping
  • Replacing a hot water system
  • Relocating fixtures
  • Removal of dwelling

  1. Permit Work (Permit work - Form 1, full Council plumbing application and fees would apply) 
  • Rebuilding a dwelling
  • Replacing existing on-site sewerage system
  • Rebuilding a Class 10 with plumbing fixtures

Emergency hardship assistance and support services 

The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors works closely with a range of organisations to provide community recovery services during a declared disaster. Emergency hardship assistance grants may be available to support people directly impacted by a disaster to meet their immediate essential needs for food, clothing, medical supplies or temporary accommodation.

Affected community members may be able to apply for the following subject to meeting eligibility requirements:

  • Emergency hardship assistance
  • Essential household contents grant
  • Structural assistance grant
  • Essential services safety and reconnection scheme.


By far the biggest need for volunteers occurs in the recovery period – in the weeks, months and years following a disaster. Register with Volunteering QLD via the link below to be contacted when support is needed.



GIVIT is a national not-for-profit organisation connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way. GIVIT matches donation offers with identified requests from a storm, fire, flood or cyclone affected region, thereby eliminating the need for organisations to store and sort unexpected donations.

GIVIT is managing all offers of donated goods and services during the recovery in our Region and 100% of donated money received by GIVIT will be used to purchase essential items. GIVIT purchases items from local providers to support the local economy as it also recovers.

If you want to donate goods to people who have been affected by a natural disaster in our Region, please pledge your offer at givit.org.au.


If you are a Queenslander affected by the recent bushfires, you may be eligible for housing help, whether you're a home owner or renter.

If you need urgent housing assistance after a disaster please phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or visit https://ehar.hpw.qld.gov.au/

For more information on housing assistance after a disaster; 

Are you over 66 or do 
you have a disability?

If you are over 60 years of age or of any age with a disability, subsidised assistance may be available for minor repairs, maintenance and modifications related to health, safety and security. 

For more information; 


​Are you a small business affected by the recent bushfires?

We will be reaching out to small businesses affected by bushfires to provide support and assistance as soon as it is safe to do so.

Complete our online survey to help us understand the impact of bushfire on your business and assess what support you need.

Contact us on 1300 654 687 if you'd like to talk about small business recovery.