Assisted Service

Council provides an assisted service for occupiers who, through a medical condition or disability, are unable to place their MGB at the collection location*.

This service is only available if there is no able bodied person residing at the premises.

This service includes retrieval and return of MGBs from within your property boundary, not exceeding a distance of 50 metres from the collection location*.

If an occupier requires an assisted service they are required to lodge:

  • a completed Assisted Service Request - Waste and Recycling Collection application form; and
  • a current medical certificate/letter from a medical professional stating that the occupier is unable to place their MGB at the collection location* for emptying.
An updated medical certificate/letter must be provided every two years for occupiers requiring an ongoing service.
If approved, the assisted service will commence within 10 working days of approval.

* Collection location - means a place at, or adjacent to, premises at which a standard general waste container associated with the premises can be easily accessed by a general waste collection vehicle without causing obstruction.