Cancellation of Collections

Domestic Premises

A minimum of 10 working days notice must be provided to cancel collections. Collections will only be cancelled if:

  • the premises are determined to be uninhabitable by the Manager Water & Waste Operations;
  • the structure that had the potential to generate waste has been demolished;
  • the land is unoccupied; or
  • the owner demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Manager Water & Waste Operations that collections are no longer required.
Collection charges will cease from the date the MGB is removed.

If a structure is demolished the owner will be refunded charges paid to Council from the date the collection ceased or back to the effective date of the current rates notice (whichever is more recent).

Commercial Premises

If requested in writing by the owner, collections may be cancelled subject to a minimum of 10 working days' notice and proof that a licensed waste removal entity has been engaged for collection services.

If collections are recommenced the Waste Collection charge and/or the Recycling Collection charge will be levied.

Lodge your cancellation request using our Online Customer Service Request centre.

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