Vermin (Rats)

Rats may represent a public health risk. Under the Public Health Act 2005 residents are responsible for the control of rats on their properties. Rats are likely to harbour and breed in litter and debris; residents can therefore discourage vermin harbourage by keeping their properties tidy and free from litter and debris.
When there is a public health risk caused by rats, Council is responsible for administering and enforcing the Public Health Act 2005 in order to remove the risk. A Public Health Order may be issued to the owner/occupier of the premises requiring them with a requirement to eliminate the vermin breeding site to Council’s satisfaction within a certain period of time. If the owner/occupier does not comply with the Public Health Order. Council may then apply to the Court for an Enforcement Order to have the work undertaken at the owner’s/occupier’s expense.
Should a potential vermin breeding site be suspected, residents may contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 790 919. Council’s Vector Control Unit will investigate potential breeding sites and take steps to remove the public health risk.