Council’s Vector Control Unit has programs in place to control mosquitoes throughout the year. Council officers involved in vector management are responsible for:
  • Undertaking routine checks on urban and rural breeding sites
  • Treating mosquito breeding sites where appropriate
  • Misting of adult mosquitoes when deemed necessary, and 
  • Providing education to the public on other pests.
Council also relies on residents to control mosquitoes around their homes.

There are more than 20 common species of mosquito in the Livingstone Shire area, some of which are capable of transmitting diseases to humans. These diseases include:
  • Ross River fever
  • Barmah Forest virus
  • Dengue fever
Heartworm in dogs is also transmitted by mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can potentially breed in any fresh (polluted and unpolluted), brackish or salt water. This includes stagnant pools, ponds, drains, channels and other vessels (e.g. pots, containers) which hold water. 

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