Livingstone Shire Council customers may request misting of their area if mosquitoes are deemed problematic. Misting involves the use of a synthetic pyrethroid which is registered for the control of mosquitoes in the community. Misting occurs from the back of a vehicle usually at dawn or dusk. Customers should note that misting should be undertaken only as a last resort, and with the following facts in mind:
  • Synthetic pyrethroid is not discriminatory – it kills all insects with which it comes into contact, not just mosquitoes, and
  • Misting is a very temporary treatment as it kills only the adult mosquitoes present on the day of misting.
What you can do to protect yourself, your family and your pets:
  • Screen all windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes coming inside
  • While outside wear light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing
  • Use insect repellent
  • If you live in an unscreened house or are camping, sleep under a mosquito net
  • Air conditioning, fans and mosquito coils are also effective in protecting you from mosquitoes.
Residents can play a vital role in reducing mosquitoes around the home. Inspect your house and yard and remove any accumulation of water:
  • Empty pot plant bases weekly or fill the base with sand to absorb water
  • Wash out bromeliads and other water-holding plants weekly
  • Clean out roof gutters regularly and trim back trees which can block gutters
  • Ensure rainwater tanks are screened
  • Maintain swimming pools, and 
  • Wash out birdbaths, fishponds and ornamental pools weekly, and where possible stock with suitable native fish.