Services provided by Council

Purpose of This Information Sheet
The Information Sheet broadly details the services provided by the Council in relation to building development.  

Services are defined as either a commercial function (a service also provided in the private industry sector) or regulatory function (a service which is legislated can only be conducted by the local authority).

Commercial Functions:
Certification (issuing permits for building works):
  • Process and issue permits for applications for all types of building work 
  • Conduct inspections during the construction of building projects it has assessed.
Pool Safety Fence Compliance Inspections: 
Conduct inspections on pool safety fences for new and existing swimming pools and issue an appropriate certificate which confirms the pool safety fence is either compliant or otherwise with new pool fencing legislation introduced in 2009.
Regulatory Functions:
  • Investigate compliance issues where there is a concern of a potential; Breach of a building regulation;
  • Residential Care Buildings – follow up inspection for fire safety compliance;
  • Budget Accommodation Buildings – follow up inspection for fire safety compliance;
  • Concurrence Assessment - for assessments against the performance provisions of the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Parts 1.1 or 1.2;
Administrative Functions:
  • Retain records/registers relating to a building permit/building requisition for a property (for building search requests, public inspection/purchase of the information);
  • Receive and retain permit information from private building certifiers relating to building permits they issue. 
Enquiries for assistance / information regarding the above can be referred to either Customer Services or the Construction Services Section of Council.
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