The following studies were used to inform the preparation of the 2005 Planning Scheme:

*Please note that the recently completed Livingstone Planning Scheme 2018 is supported by a number of technical studies. The ‘Capricorn Coast Storm Tide Study upgrade – Final Report’, dated 29 October 2015, is one of the studies which has informed the policy direction for the planning scheme with regards to storm tide hazard and habitable floor levels. In addition, the State Government has published the State Planning Policy Interactive Mapping System (including storm tide and flood inundation areas) on the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning’s website. It is recommended that the supporting studies and State mapping be taken into consideration in new developments. For further information on the Livingstone Planning Scheme 2018 please visit the Planning Scheme page.

The following study was undertaken to inform updates or amendments to the 2005 Planning Scheme: