Corporate Plan

A Corporate Plan is a legislative requirement under the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012, and details the strategic direction for the Council over a five year period. 
The Corporate Plan 2014-2019 is Livingstone Shire Council’s key long-term planning document which will guide the Council in the allocation of resources and delivery of services to the community. The Corporate Plan is the principal document from which the Council’s plans and strategic documents are developed.

The Corporate Plan 2014-2019 will be implemented annually through the Council’s Operational Plans and Budgets, with detail specific, necessary actions and their associated costs, to meet the current and future needs of the community. Livingstone Shire Council will report on the implementation and performance of short and long term objectives through quarterly reporting. Furthermore, Council will conduct statutory annual reviews of the Corporate Plan's performance and report the results in the Livingstone Shire Council Annual Report (in the menu to the left). Outcomes of the strategic reviews will assist with ongoing development of Livingstone Shire Council’s Annual Budgets and Operational Plans.