Northern Strategic Link Road - Panorama Drive


Panorama Drive is a strategic road link forming a key transport corridor to directly connect the northern suburbs of Yeppoon with resource nodes, airports and current and future industrial parks. The project enables Livingstone to meet the current and critical future access needs to accommodate the growth, in the northern areas of Yeppoon. 

Key outcomes of the construction of Panorama Drive are that it will: 
A. address the urgent need for an alternative transport route for residents and tourists during natural disasters; 
B. provide for more effective and optimal utilisation of the existing State and Council road network servicing the Capricorn Coast.

Total estimated cost: $30,000,000

Funding Sources: It was announced in April 2014 that the State Government has committed to 50% of the projected project costs, up to $15 million, through its Royalty for Regions Funding. 

Timeframe: The project has been divided into three sections with construction works on Segment 1a (a new signalised intersection on Adelaide Park Road) currently being undertaken and expected to be completed by Jan 2016. Segment 2 (Panorama Drive from Adelaide Park Road to Farnborough Road) is currently being designed and documented with construction anticipated to begin in September 2015. The final section, Segment 1b (the upgrade of Limestone Creek Road from Adelaide Park Road to Neils Road) will commence after the completion of Segment 2.

Project Importance:
Pacific Heights area is a desirable locality to the north of the Yeppoon Town Centre which is understandably attracting a high density of mining and resource industry employees and their families. This growth has placed an increased urgency for the identified Panorama Drive Strategic Northern Link Road to provide a direct transport link for commuting, service provision and emergency alternate access. 

Farnborough Road already exceeds its capacity multiple times each day and experiences partial or complete road closures during severe weather events and natural disasters. Currently Farnborough Road is also the only available direct access from the northern suburbs of Yeppoon to the CBD, airport, employment, resource nodes and industrial hubs within the wider region.

Reducing this congestion and addressing the current and future conflicts between traffic and people utilising the CBD and foreshore will enable economic and recreational expansion within the Yeppoon Foreshore and adjacent business precincts. Increased pedestrian safety and strategic development of this area is key to the revitalisation of the Capricorn Coast as a tourism destination.

The proposed $600 million Iwasaki Capricorn Integrated Resort development, a project of State significance, is also be somewhat reliant on the construction of Panorama Drive. Without this link road, construction traffic will be required to travel an additional distance of approximately 15 kilometres, using the Yeppoon Western Bypass and Farnborough Road, to access the development as much of the heavy construction traffic will not be permitted to travel through the Yeppoon CBD road network. 

The following benefits will be realised upon project completion:
• reduction in current congestion on local road infrastructure enabling safe, strategic expansion of the Yeppoon foreshore precinct.
• a direct link to mines, airport and associated industry nodes for DIDO/FIFO workers
• critical access to facilitate the proposed $600M Capricorn Integrated Resort development 
• addresses the legacy issue of the lack an alternate traffic route in times of disaster
• optimised capacity to both the State (Yeppoon–Rockhampton Road between Appleton Drive and Neils Road) and Council (CBD and foreshore) networks.