As Constructed Submissions

Submission of Digital As Constructed Information for Operational Works

The following information and associated links are provided for Consultants and Developers who have an association with subdivision and developmental works within the Livingstone Shire Council area, and are required to submit final As Constructed plans to Council as outlined in the current planning scheme of the Livingstone Shire Council.

Since 2007, Council has standardised the process in which As Constructed information is collected, documented, mapped, submitted and integrated into Council's Geographical Information System and Asset Management System. This process is continually being improved from feedback from Consultants, Developers and Council staff, and is designed to make the entire process simpler, efficient and accurate and provide long term benefits for all concerned.

The As Constructed process requires the submission of all As Constructed documentation in accordance with Council's As-Constructed Submission Manual. The manual provides detailed guidance on the following: the documentation required as part of the submission; the survey guidelines; plan layout specifications and specific guidance as to the attribute information required. To assist Consultants and Developers to provide Council with the required attribute information, Council has developed a template As-Constructed Excel Spreadsheet that aligns with the Manual.  A Reference Guide is also available that is aimed at assisting during the surveys, map production and completing the Excel Spreadsheet and identifies the common causes of errors that delay Council approval of the submission documentation as well as summarising the key changes from the previous versions.

For development applications approved before 31 December 2012, Consultants and Developers  may choose to continue to utilise the applicable superseded version of the manual and spreadsheet.  The current As Constructed Manual and supporting documentation are available for download from the Related Documents box on the right hand side of this page.

It is recommended that users check the document links on this site regularly prior to each As Constructed documentation submission for any document updates or new releases. For any feedback or enquiries in regard to these documents, or processes, please contact the following Council staff members by phoning General Enquiries on (07) 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919. All submission documentation is to be sent to     

Compliance, timeframes, general documentation - Council's Development Officer’s, Operational Works – Development Assessment.

GIS technical advice – Council’s Coordinator Assets & GIS.

Additional information - (for works concerning reservoirs, water & sewerage treatment plants and sewerage & water pump stations) – Manager Infrastructure Planning & Design